Unlock the boundless possibilities of ChatGPT: Hunt down pesky bugs and enjoy seamless automation!

Sridhar M
4 min readJan 10, 2023

Are you a bug hunter? Looking for ways to up your game? Well, look no further! ChatGPT is possibly the best thing that’s happened to bug hunting! Its intuitive yet powerful features provide an array of options to make your hunting experience better than ever. Get ready to witness bug hunting done right!

So, what exactly is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT — an incredible chatbot using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way companies tackle their business tasks! Leverage cutting-edge AI technology to enlighten and streamline your daily workload.

What perks does ChatGPT offer to bug bounty seekers?

Believe me, there’s a lot! From improving the efficiency of bug hunting to providing automated bug extraction, ChatGPT has got your back. Get access to all these perks and much more with ChatGPT!

A Glimpse at The Future of Automation in CyberSecurity

Searching for a teacher to help you make sense of the various cyber vulnerabilities? Looking to grasp fundamental concepts and expand your knowledge of attack techniques? Let’s get started!

ChatGPT Explaining the Differences between SSRF and Host-Header Injection

See! How precise the differences are :)

Forget Googling! No more searching endlessly through a basic search engine — it’s now so much easier to chat with an AI and get all the information you need! You can clearly see that, at first ChatGPT explained the terms separately, but then it makes sure to clearly point out their differences so we can easily understand. Who needs a search engine now?!

Chat with AI and learn something you won’t find on the WWW — it’s like having a real-life Google in your pocket!

Let’s have a look at some internal network exploits:

ChatGPT Demonstrating a SMB Bruteforce Attack

Wow, that’s a great idea :)

Why not take it to the next level and use ChatGPT to build your own custom reconnaissance tool. That way, you’ll have more time to focus on manual penetration testing, and you’ll be able to find more of the low-hanging fruits.

Custom Reconnaissance Tool created by ChatGPT

With a few clicks of a mouse and good input prompts, we can craft and shape any tool imaginable to automate both the reconnaissance and actual attacks, which we’ll dig deeper into in our upcoming series.

Are you a rookie on the job market but feeling a bit unsure of the waters?

Don’t you fret; for those who are new to the security game or have years of experience under their belt — ever wondered what it’s like to navigate the day-to-day of a security professional in any field? Well, stick around — ChatGPT got the info you need!

Career Guidance

It’s easy to get the full scoop on the job before submitting your application — no sweat!

Tips for Using ChatGPT More Effectively

In order to use ChatGPT more effectively, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. First, remember that manipulating ChatGPT to get your desired results can be a tricky act — after all, hacking isn’t really the most recommended course of action by any means! (As per its policies) To truly wrangle ChatGPT into doing the work for you, it’s essential you have a vocabulary that’s both clever and cunning.

Second, never forget that with only a single word, you can create a completely different effect. Choose your words wisely and use a grammar checker or tap into some AI assistance to get the results you desire.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with the various features of ChatGPT. The more you play around with the tool, the more comfortable you’ll become using it — and the more effective it will be for promoting your career. So go ahead and explore all that ChatGPT has to offer!

Final Remarks

As we enter the age of artificial intelligence, it’s more important than ever to consider how automation can help improve our cybersecurity. ChatGPT is one such example of how AI can be used to enhance security. By automating repetitive tasks, ChatGPT frees up time for security analysts to focus on more complex issues. In addition, ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities can help identify potential threats earlier and more accurately.

This post is just the start of a journey, so don’t worry if it feels basic to you. Just buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride in the coming series, where we’ll dive deeper into the amazing uses of this topic.

Thanks for joining — Happy hacking!



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